AHUG (Adelaide Hills Ukulele Group)

Venue: Upstairs in the Mount Barker Town Hall 34-38 Gawler Street

Absolute Beginners Sat 12th October 2-3.30pm, with Christopher Carr
Cost: $20 Bookings:
quill@inkpot.com.au  or 0429 673 327

Beginners I Ukulele Group with Robert Bickle

9 sessions, starting Monday 14th October

Mondays 6.00-7.00pm

Cost: $120.00* Early Bird + $15 Ink Pot membership
$150 + $15 Ink Pot membership

Beginners II Ukulele Group with Robert Bickle

9 sessions, starting Monday 14th October

Mondays 7.15-8.15pm

Cost: $130.00* Early Bird + $15 Ink Pot membership for newcomers
$16 + $15 Ink Pot membership for newcomers

Additional Singing Workshop with Felicity Eckert $15/$20 non-members

Everyone can do it! Applying a ‘student-centred’ approach in a step-by-step process (through progressive modules), Robert will develop your ukulele playing, singing and general musicality. Beginners I introduces strumming rhythms, the basic chords and learning to play your favourite songs in a group setting. Beginners II will introduce music theory and continue to build on the foundations provided in the first module. Informal performance opportunities will be offered as confidence strengthens.

Robert Bickle’s love of music began when he joined a primary school band as a Bb fife player. Since then he has learnt to play piano, recorder, flute, penny whistle, uilleann pipes, guitar, ukulele, mandolin and bodhran. Recently retired after some decades of teaching in Waldorf-Steiner Schools, Robert now has time to immerse himself in the art he loves by teaching music and hosting ‘song sharing sessions’ at various venues around the hills.  He enjoys sharing what he has learnt about music and helping people become self-directed learners.

*Early Bird deadline Friday 25th October

AHUG (Adelaide Hills Ukulele Group)

Intermediate Ukulele Group with Max Tulysewski

9 sessions, starting Wednesday 16th October             

Wednesdays 6.00-7.00pm

Cost: $135.00* Early Bird + $15 Ink Pot membership for newcomers
$165 + $15 Ink Pot annual membership

Additional Singing Workshop with Felicity Eckert $15/$20 non-members
2-3pm Sat 9th Nov

This advanced workshop focuses on developing musicality, finger picking and strumming techniques. It will teach you how to integrate barre chords into your songs, extending your musical repertoire. In addition, guest tutor Felicity Eckert will provide singing classes for developing harmonies.The group gets a huge amount of enjoyment from performing regularly in the community, and we warmly welcome newcomers!

 Children’s Uke Workshops with Max Tulysewski

Expressions of Interest are welcome for

Saturdays 2.30-3.30pm

Cost: $13 per session + $15 Ink Pot membership   
quill@inkpot.com.au or 0429 673 327

Max Tulysewski is an Adelaide-based musician, composer, producer and teacher. He took up drumming at age 7, started playing professionally in his early teens and entered his 20’s as one of South Australia’s busiest and most in-demand musicians. Max first began experimenting with the ukulele in 2011 and has brought it with him into a variety of different musical situations both on stage and in the studio. As a songwriter, he has used the instrument in acoustic and electric formats to gain access to new sound and ideas. As the drummer for Donnarumma, the front man of Superdose Gangway and the manager of the Heathfield Renegades, Max has garnered a wide range of musical and professional experience, something he proudly brings to his work as an educator. This coupled with his enthusiasm and unique approach to the ukulele is sure to open the door to a world of uke-inspired fun!

Enjoy The Leroys ukulele ensemble at the ADELAIDE HILLS FARMERS’ MARKET, Mann Street Mount Barker

Each week Ink Pot Arts has a fundraising stall selling local produce and ukuleles… to support our services we offer the community. We’d love to see you there, and you might even be lucky enough to hear a tune from our uke ensemble The Leroys.