Inter Act

Heart lands

The Heart Lands Dance & Storytelling Group’s primary goal is to protect, preserve and promote the advancement of culture through stories, song and dance for future generations. David Booth and Vida Sumner are the cultural representatives. David is of Warramungu and Yuggera descent. Vida is of Meru, Ramindjeri, Kaurna and Ngarrindjeri descent. Our core group is made of Peramangk, Adnyamathanha, Wirangu, Ylongu, Warramungu, Yuggera, Meru, Ramindjeri, Kaurna, Ngarrindjeri, Arrernte and Narangga descendants. 

Since the beginning (January 2018), the group has grown to 18 members, with the participants gaining in confidence, strength and pride. We have been developing our own unique storytelling and successfully performing in the Adelaide Hills, meeting weekly to deepen the knowledge of our youth and families to share with the wider community.

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